Welcome to Please Don't Snore @ Presbyterian College

Presbyterian College Students
Congratulations on your acceptance to PC and your choice to become a part of the PC family. The Residence Life staff at PC looks forward to welcoming you to PC as our new Blue Hose in August.

This site is to provide you with information about housing and a vehicle with which to indicate your housing preferences and potentially find your future roommate.

Before May 1, please indicate your preferences and upload your photo (if you wish) and other information about yourself.

From May 1 — May 31, you will be able to participate in the "matching" feature of Please Don't Snore. You will receive instructional emails to remind you of what you need to do related to your housing.

Anyone who submits their admissions deposit by May 1st and completes the matching process by May 31st will receive their housing assignment in early June.

PC Residence Life contact:
Andrew Peterson
Director of Residence Life